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For the latest original song I worked together with Egla, Cornee, Thijs and Natasja. It’s called: “One Whisper”. I play the piano and the others beatbox, rap, sing and play the guitar.



Watch Nikos play Ryuichi Sakamoto’s piano piece “The Sheltering Sky” down below. Nikos has also written a blog about Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. Click here to read it, please.



Listen to popular piano covers and original compositions by talented pianist Nikos Driehuis on this site. Click here to watch him play beautiful covers and his own original songs.
Click here to learn more about him and here to take a look at his blog.
For updates on his Twitter, click here.


The piano was not the first musical instrument Nikos has played. After playing the guitar for years, and having played guitar in a band for many years, Nikos wanted a new challenge. So now, he dedicates a lot of his time to playing the piano.

A few years ago, when he heard the song Aqua by famous pianist Ryuichi Sakamoto, he was sold. He just had to play the piano! So, Nikos has begun playing the keyboard instrument in 2012.
Nikos loved piano music ever since and fiercely practiced until he reached the level of skill he has now. Even though he has worked hard, he will continue to work hard to write songs and become better. He would love it if people could hear and enjoy his original songs.

Please check out his Blog Page to find out more about Nikos and his music. And follow him on social media, such as YouTube (please check below).


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