Feel the Light (Jennifer Lopez)

Feel the Light (Jennifer Lopez)

Jennifer Lopez - Feel the Light

picture from http://c.directlyrics.com/img/upload/jennifer-lopez-dress-visual-on-idol.jpg


Today I uploaded a piano cover of the song “Feel the Light” by Jennifer Lopez from the original motion picture “Home!” I have been a JLO-fan for quite some time now. She is beautiful, hard working, sweet and her songs remind me of summer and happiness. And everytime, she manages to surprise me. That light dress on Idol was unique. What’s not to love?

I learned Feel the Light by looking up the chords, and then I figured out how to play the melody by ear. I hadn’t really done any song by ear before, so I hope it turned out okay! 😛 I should probably try to figure out more songs by ear to kinda get a feel for it.
I really loved this song when I first saw/heard it on a youtube video. It was the one where Jennifer Lopez performs Feel the Light on American Idol, and where they use her dress to show

Jennifer Lopez Feel the Light

picture from website http://www.usmagazine.com/uploads/assets/articles/84605-jennifer-lopez-american-idol/promo/1426808986_jennifer-lopez-american-idol-350.jpg

parts of the movie Home. I thought that was cool!:) I am totally into the space and galaxy-theme.
The song itself is about overcoming obstacles, and for the light to win against evil. It fits the movie Home! well, because there are obstacles to be overcome as well in that movie.
The movie is about an alien called “Oh” (voiced by Jim Parson) landing on earth, and when he has to run from his own people (the Boovs), he forms a friendship with a girl named Tip (voiced by Rihanna) and her cat called Pig. Together they go on adventures as best buddies! :) It’s a cute feel-good movie about friendship and being different. It is about finding acceptance where you least expect it. Contrary to what you may expect when you see me, I actually enjoy movies with cute animations like that.

Home, Feel the Light

from website: http://www.josepvinaixa.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Jennifer-Lopez-Feel-The-Light-2015-1200×1200.png

It seems like a lot of fun to have an alien friend. I wonder if they would play different musical instruments on other planets. But I will just keep it at the piano. And I already have a dog friend, called Sjoerd, who is monitoring my piano skills.:)

Please watch my cover of Feel the Light by Jennifer Lopez down below!


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