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A short history

My name is Nikos Driehuis and I am 22 years old. I live in the Netherlands. I started to play piano in the month August of the year 2012. I’ve always loved listening to solo piano music and over the years, my interest for it continued to grow stronger. Playing the piano gives me so much joy. So now I ask myself the question: “Why didn’t I start earlier?”

This is me, performing Yiruma’s May Be, live.


I guess, it is because I discovered the joys of piano music quite late. My family and friends do not play piano, or are in to piano music, so I didn’t really come into contact with piano music. But then I heard of one artist, that inspired me to start playing. His name is Ryuichi Sakamoto. Especially his song Aqua inspired me. When I first heard it I remember listening to it for about a week, haha! I could not wait to cover this masterpiece. Eventually, I did, please click here to watch it. I covered another song by Ryuichi Sakamoto as well, called Energy Flow. Please take a look here to watch it and listen to it.

Future plans

I want to cover more of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s songs, like The sheltering sky and Merry Christmas mr Lawrence. Also more of Ludovico Einaudi’s songs, they are always very beautiful. I covered his Bella Notte (click here to watch it), but I would like to play more of his songs. Aside from that, I’m planning on doing some Disney covers as well, I’m a huge Disney fan^^.

My current favorite song to play is Amaranth by Nightwish (click here). I really love the melodies and Nightwish is one of my favorite bands. However, my favorite composer is Chopin. I could listen to his pieces all day and never get bored. For instance, I played his Waltz no. 19 (click here).

There are a lot of songs that I like, but they have in common that they are heavily focused on melody. In particular songs which have a lot of notes going on but in which the melody shines through clearly. This is also the case in my original songs and compositions. All my songs come from improvising on the piano, and once I found something that I think sounds good, it usually gives me inspiration for the rest of the song. Before the Storm for example (click here to watch it), once I wrote the first part I thought it kind of sounded like a tornado of notes, or something similiar. I wanted the second part to sound kind of like the calm before the storm, and from there the rest of the song came to be. And my latest song, Storybook (click here) reminds me of a fairy tale.

Sjoerd the Dog


If you have watched my videos, you may have noticed that I’m almost never alone when playing the piano. I’m usually accompanied by Sjoerd, the dog!  I’ve got some questions about Sjoerd the dog, so I tell you something about him briefly (perhaps I will write a blogpost about him someday).

About Sjoerd: yeeeaaaaaah he’s a cool dude basically . Whenever I play he just hangs out on the piano, looking all cool with his sunglasses. I believe he’s very much into the same music I’m into, since he always appears whenever I’m about to record a video!;)

Sjoerd the Dog

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