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Ryuichi Sakamoto

Ryuichi Sakamoto

I first heard Ryuichi Sakamoto’s music in August 2013, and it was the song Aqua. I just happened to stumble on to it on YouTube, and ended up repeating the song while laying in bed with my eyes closed for about 3 hours. I know it sounds dramatic, but it was the first song that made me actually tear up with emotion because I felt it so deeply.

My cover of Aqua
There is a lot that I love about Ryuichi Sakamoto’s songs. I love how sensitive it is. It feels like the music has lived a long life, and is looking back on it remembering. I like how Ryuichi Sakamoto sounds like he is telling a story, I really get swept away listening to his songs. His music always focuses heavily on melody and atmosphere, with lots of dynamics. I hope he will come to the Netherlands , to give a concert. I would love to see him perform. He is one of my favorite composers, along with Chopin and Einaudi.

Ryuichi Sakamoto, pianist and composer

source: http://musictour.eu/data//uploads/media/albums/878/006a7bcbd6418fb03f268bcad5f5d93c.jpg

There are a lot of Sakamoto songs that I love. But my favorites are Aqua, Energy flow, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence and The Sheltering Sky.
Aqua is very calming to me, I feel like it’s trying to tell me to find my inner peace or something similiar.I really like the melody in energy flow, and also the more rhythmic part later on in the song. I don’t hear most songs trying something different like that, I feel like it really tells a story.
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence is on the soundtrack for the film “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence. On that soundtrack there are 17 other songs all written by Sakamoto. For the soundtrack he won the 1983 BAFTA Award for Best Film Music.
I love The Sheltering Sky because Sakamoto in my opinion succeeded to make the perfect song for that titel. It feels to me that there is a protecting sky around me, and when the song picks up/becomes darker it reminds me of dark clouds. Then at the end when the main theme comes back it’s just perfect:). I would like to make covers out of The Sheltering Sky and Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence. In fact, I’m working on playing those songs right now :)!

My cover of Energy Flow


Who is Ryuichi Sakamoto?
Ryuichi Sakamoto(born January 17, 1952 in Tokyo Japan) is a Japanese musician, activist, composer, record producers, writer, singer, pianist and actor. He studied at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and graduated with a BA in composition and a Master’s degree with special emphasis on electronic and ethnic music. In the late 1970s he worked as a composer, producer and arranger with some of Japan’s most popular jazz, rock and classical artists. He made his first solo album in 1978 but got well known as a member of Japanese synth-rock outfit Yellow Magic Orchestra with co-founders Haruomi Hosono and Yukihiro Takahashi. Sakamoto was married to a Japanese singer and pianist Akiko Yano, working with her on some of her recordings. He worked together with David Sylvian on a few songs and most of Sylvian’s albums. He acted in the 1983 Nagisa Oshima movie Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence alongside British rock singer David Bowie; he also wrote the soundtrack. For his soundtrack on the 1987 Bernardo Bertolucci movie The Last Emperor he won the Academy Award. He has also written soundtracks for Pedro Almodovar’s film High Heels, and Oliver Stone’s Wild Palms. His 1999 solo album BTBB(back to the basics) contains some amazing work, such as the songs Energy flow, Railroad man, Aqua and Chanson.


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