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Storybook, a new original song


Storybook piano song by Nikos Driehuis for his blog

Storybook song by Nikos Driehuis for his blog

I chose the title Storybook for this song, because it reminds me of a fairytale. On the one hand, it is sweet and happy, especially at the bridge, but it also shows signs of battle. A battle of good against evil. It could be about knights and dragons, but it could also be about other forces fighting for victory. Darkness versus light.

Storybook reminds me of a fairytale forest when I play and listen to it. I want to convey this feeling to people who listen to it. I want the listener to be taken away to a magical world. A beautiful fairytale forest in which marvelous creatures dwell.  They have to protect their land from evil and claim it for their own!

The inspiration for this song came from watching entirely too many series such as Once Upon a Time and Grimm :P.

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